I have thought and speculated all my life as to how Father in Heaven or Jesus Christ can know my name or what I’m going through, and love me, amongst billions.

I’ve been gifted with a fairly logical brain, at least I’ve thought of it as a gift. Perhaps it is more of a challenge or obstacle that I need to overcome. Perhaps I should be learning to allow gentler and humbler traits to be more of an influence upon my thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Nevertheless, I think of the billions of people on the Earth, and when I say “billions”, my logical brain immediately thinks of the comparison between ‘millions’ and ‘billions’.
“A million seconds is twelve (12) days. A billion seconds is thirty two (32) years!”

I have no idea how long God the Father has existed, but His Son, Jesus Christ (Jehovah, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob), has been with Him from the beginning (Firstborn Son). Therefore, no one knows more than the Godhead (God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost).
My point?
I have not seen Him with my mortal eyes, but I have seen mortals with my own eyes, and heard mortals with my own ears quote books after reading them once, name hundreds of people, after hearing their names once, and reel off numbers in their heads with photographic memories! These were gifted people of course, autistic, or skilled, but who created them and gave them those gifts?

If I believe my my mortal eyes and ears, or that I use only a fraction of my brain as science tells me, why should it be difficult to believe God knows my name, even what I believe and what I have done, and still loves me? I say yes, He does.

*** Next post *** The two (2) auto-focusing, 3D lenses with a DVR that God gave me. We mortals call them eyes. Or did they come from a “Big Bang?”