Is for sale?

It may be for sale for the right cause.

It has potential, could be essential, and is very presidential.

What if Twitter broke? How do you forget “TheInternet”? And .org is the most credible domain suffix.

Imagine, one mention on National TV that “ is where you will find me if anything goes wrong”. It would go viral.

There are people who need a backup for social media. One day their account or the social media will get hacked or shut down. Perhaps someone will purchase or break Twitter. Perhaps it will be an eccentric billionaire who doesn’t like a popular ‘tweeter’.

I registered it in 1997 and listed popular websites on it. See “Why I Registered this name ..”

Some people use it for their home page since they often go to the top sites on the Internet, e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo, Reddit, Pinterest, Yelp, Instagram, Amazon, etc.

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