Why I registered this name ..

This name is memorable. How do you forget “The Internet”?
Furthermore, “.org” is the most credible TLD suffix.

I registered this name before the turn of the century in 1997, even though I knew domain names were not as attractive with a “the” in front of them. Mark Zuckerberg owns “Internet.org”.

I figured it would be a long time before all the words in the English language would be ‘domained’ (.com, .org, .net), but it happened soon enough.

Now, it’s difficult to find ‘two-word’ domains, and impossible to get one with any meaning. unless you want to pay a lot. I am not a domainer, as they buy and sell names, rather I am an investor, I registered many names in the 90’s and kept them, intending to develop them. Of course my eyes were bigger than my stomach, and I have sold a few.

My theory is that people who need communication need a backup to social media. One day their account or the social media will get hacked or shut down. Perhaps someone will purchase or break Twitter. Perhaps it will be an eccentric billionaire who doesn’t like a popular ‘tweeter’.

Imagine, one mention that “TheInternet.org is where you will find me if anything goes wrong”. It would go viral. It has great potential, it could be very essential, and it is delightfully presidential.