This page will remain as a contact and notification page and will get better as my “Fiverrs” help me. If you can help, please contact me. This will always be a free platform.


Short notice it is, but we are going to build this medium as fast as we can.

It will start out as a “chat type” page, then move to a complete social media place. We will try to achieve a combo type of platform so Twit, FB, Insta-Snappers and Pints can all be happy. From chats to message forum to photos to videos.

There will be three (3) types of discrimination here:

  1. We will discriminate against vulgarity.
  2. We will discriminate against dishonesty.
  3. We will discriminate against disrespect for religion, race, and/or cultural backgrounds.

This is a private website with no plans to be public. We will try to get comments to “chat” format as soon as possible, but will post info links on a News page with links for things you may want.

If there is any thing else you sincerely believe we should limit, please speak. FYI, my mother reads our incoming email. 🙂 She said John Twitter is not welcome, nor is Zuck or Bezos. She doesn’t care what race or religion they are. Freedom of Speech is her thing, and she hates liars and punks that use vulgar language to sound like they’re tough. Believe me, she could whip any of them with one hand, even using one thumb, and has the loudest 45 my ears have ever endured.

(small print) Our anti-hacker Rocco and Kazar are online with their VPN NS tracers and told me it would take them up to 6 minutes to find 4th level hacks from the onion sites, but everyone else will need a smoke detector near their computer for instant evacuation notification. My mother told me so.

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