The Internet Organization 473 Mundet Place Ste US482845 Hillside New Jersey 07205

We are developing this page into a communication and posting page for anyone who wants to participate. If you can help, please contact me.

It will begin as a “chat type” page, then move to a social media place. We will try to accommodate all who want credible social interaction. From posts to twits, parleys to chutes, gabs to ‘gurs, reddits to rumbles, all insta-snappers and pints should be happy. We will get the experts to make an EZ photo/vid upload method, and easy links and comment posting. It won’t be overnight, but it will be worth it.

This forum will be FREE.

FREE from Vulgarity (1see our definition below).
FREE from Dishonesty (2see dishonesty note below).
FREE from Disrespect of religion, race, gender, or cultural background.
FREE from Anti-democracy principles (3see political note below).
  • 1Vulgarity = making explicit and offensive reference to sex or bodily functions; coarse and rude, including camouflaged words, e.g. $h!7. *Sorry, my mother is reading this.
  • 2Dishonesty = fact checking has been our business for 30 years.
  • 3Political = promotion of communism, dictatorship, or any anti-democratic government will auto-ban you.
  • Extra for our friends that just never get jokes. Please asterisk *sarcasm, *satire, and *humor so we get less complaints.
We are big on FREEDOM OF SPEECH in public, and respecting our neighbors. If it’s Constitutional, it is debatable here.
This is a private website and FREEDOM OF SPEECH will be honored “while” respecting our neighbors.

FYI, *my mother reads our incoming email, and she detests liars, fakes, and punks that use vulgar language to sound like they’re tough.
She doesn’t care what religion, race, or political persuasion you are. Freedom of Speech is her thing, respectful speech.

(small print) *Our anti-hacker Rocco and Kazar are online with their VPN NS tracers and told me it would take them up to 6 minutes to find 4th level hacks from the onion sites, but everyone else will need a smoke detector near their computer for instant evacuation notification. My mother told me so.

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